My favourite thing about photography is event photography. In event photography, it's also great because it allows you to have photos of yourself that are natural and look just like you. It also allows you to give your client a context, show them how you work, what tools you use.

Photo Session

During the preparation of the Event Photographers in Dubai, we define which axes to work for the photos. We had different scenes to shoot, which Claire could have used in different contexts, depending on her needs. We start with photos that illustrate how she prepares her group workshops.

By beginning my sessions with candid photos (in most cases), it allows me to put my clients at ease. You are not going to focus on my camera and hear what you have to do. You will be yourself because you will perform actions in your daily life.

And that way, I can take photos of you that look like you. And besides, this approach will allow you to gently relax and therefore have much more natural and relaxed business portraits. You can't always start with candid photos, but I always offer them to my clients.

Beyond Corporate Event Portraits 

When I photograph my clients in their workspace, I always take the opportunity to photograph their surroundings a bit. Details, materials, colors. It allows me to enrich my report with photos that breathe, and also takes less formal photos, to use on social networks or wherever you want.

It also gives more context about the personality of the entrepreneur. Here, we can clearly see that Claire loves color, and especially bright colors (we really fell for this).

Choose Different Services by the Company During a Event Photo Shot

My primary mission was to highlight Claire's professional background. It was a diary that had been going on for almost 2 years and she would soon hold her first group seminar on this subject. The idea was to show the different uses of the logbook and how filling it every night can become a sweet break in everyday life.

In fact, I liked the idea of Claire's diary so much that I decided to sign up for her show last year. I needed to remember my life as an entrepreneur, go beyond my goldfish memory and be able to remember important moments.

Also, if the idea leads you to sign up for her Professional Logbook program, Claire will be relaunching her program soon. This time she will no longer be in a cohort but in an online training mode, and something tells me that it will be very interesting! She used her experience with the 3 cohorts she gave to make an online program with chives.

Photograph a Virtual Laboratory

For the two creatives that we are, it was not very difficult to put on video the workshops that Claire teaches. She was also a very good actress, because I don't think she shows that she doesn't really talk to people. We took a screenshot of one of her previous workshops and put it full screen, and then we did our magic.

Corporate Event Portraits in Montreal 

And then at the end of the shoot, we did candid portraits of Claire. Different positions, different outfits, different lights and different colors, for different uses. I love to make my clients laugh. Relax right away. And then it also allows you to have different expressions. If you also need event photos for your business but you're tired of photos without personality, and you don't want tacky studio photos.

Tell me how you came up with the idea for your business, how you work, what you imagine for your photos, and we will work together to create great content for you so that you can finally update your website and social networks.